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Relentlessly Optimizing Since 2002

This commitment to progress has transformed Wasatch I.T. into a team of nearly 50 technicians serving as the I.T. department to over 500 companies annually. Remote and scheduled on-site support available nationally.


Why Managed Services?

Why Wasatch I.T’s Managed I.T. Services stand above internal I.T. teams and the competition.

CIO and I.T. Services

Removing a single point of failure with one I.T. technician or a bottleneck with a small team reduces downtime, increases efficiency and maximizes employee utilization. CIO services to remain proactive and increase organizational efficiency.


A robust team of smart, collaborative and continually trained technicians will always be smarter than a single or small group of technicians.

Accountability / Management

Offloading the responsibility of technical training and management allows you to allocate more time to running your business.


An extensive team of available technicians can assist during spikes in demand, without having to pay for that extra manpower in downtime.


From on-call on-site support, to scheduled on-site support in half, full day or full-time increments, adaptive support structures allows companies to increase technical support as needed, without lagging behind or overpaying in anticipation of growth.

Adaptive Pricing

Pricing based on machine count allows costs to be in line with the size of your team. Additional offerings available for companies looking to meet certain compliance, cybersecurity standards as well as CIO services.


When choosing to outsource as opposed to hiring internally, you skip employment taxes, benefits, etc., allowing you to redirect money to core business costs.


No longer being subject to sick days or PTO, your team has access to a team of technicians ready to provide technical support 24/7/365.

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