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Cloud Computing

Big bulky servers in the office suffer from a few key traits. Namely, they are big, and they are bulky. Thankfully, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are here to help. Microsoft Azure is a sleek cloud computing package that takes those big bulky servers and removes them from the equation. You can still access everything you need, and the servers work just like they normally do, except you have extra space in your office you can use to dedicate to something important.

Physical machines break down. Every few years hard drives need to be replaced, equipment becomes outdated, and that initial investment becomes a long-term cost for the company as you constantly have to chase the repairs around until eventually the device becomes so dated that eventually you have to bite the costs and purchase a new server altogether. Microsoft Azure and AWS simplifies everything to a monthly cost like Netflix. Now all those initial costs float out the window and you can experience the joy of a server without the maintenance costs. Further, with Wasatch I.T. managing the backend, you can focus on running your business.

Another great reason to migrate is the security of your data. Instead of having a physical server on site, data is stored off site in a secure location. No matter what gets thrown at the office or how badly the physical location is damaged, your data is safely secured with cloud backups.

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