On-Site I.T. Support

On-site I.T. support is available 24/7/365 in our service area spanning Denver, Colorado, and Utah’s Wasatch Front. Wasatch I.T. provides tech support services locally and across the country through our network of providers, available on an as-needed basis. Our managed services include I.T. support for our customers to take advantage of whenever they need assistance with troubleshooting and repairs. While smaller companies may only require periodic services, our larger customers may benefit from having technicians fully staffed in-office wherever they’re located. We’ll come to you in order to offer the most effective and dependable solutions for your technical support needs.

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on-site support

What are the Benefits of I.T. Support Services?

In-office I.T. support services are beneficial for businesses because only some things can be resolved via a remote help desk. Some technical issues need to be done in person to make the process more efficient, saving your company time, money, and resources. When you need I.T. support, partnering with an outsourced business technology provider you can trust will make all the difference. We are available on your schedule to personally address many of the everyday tech issues you need to be on top of in order to run smoothly.

Managed Compliance Services

Our insights on various industries allows us to keep you in compliance with cybersecurity regulations. Not doing so can put your business in jeopardy, so depend on our technicians to make the necessary updates.


Hackers, scammers, and fraudsters continue to present a threat to businesses. You can protect your customers and business information with the proper framework and strategy.

Hardware and Software Procurement

As technology evolves, your business will do well to adapt quickly. Consult with our technicians to discover the best tech solutions on the market today.

Network Services

Stay productive and minimize the potential for downtime by monitoring your network. We will check for areas of improvement to help prevent security breaches, update operating systems, back up data, and more.

Cloud Services

Migrate data and ensure the security of your information on a cloud platform. Update your use of technology and streamline the way you do business.

What Makes Our In-Office I.T. Support Better?

Our comprehensive approach to I.T. support will give you the advantage of having a dedicated specialist on-site whenever an issue arises. Whether you need assistance from time to time or a fully-staffed specialist you can depend on, we have you covered with the best in-office I.T. support. We offer unparalleled services that keep your staff, procedures, and technology in alignment for the most effective results. We are a local company headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City to assist dozens of companies at a moment’s notice. We also serve companies in Idaho, Colorado, and across the rest of Utah’s Wasatch Front.

Wasatch I.T. is Your Tech Support Partner

We offer services that stand out from the rest because of our extensive knowledge, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our familiarity with various tech aspects allows us to take a multipronged approach that will help your company in more ways than one. Tech support offers comprehensive solutions that can change the way a team operates for the better, which means it also contributes positively to your company’s bottom line. Turn to Wasatch I.T. to get on-site I.T. support from professional technicians who can take the reins on everything from network security protocols and 24/7 monitoring to hardware installations and more. As your trusted tech support partner, we will dispatch one of our technicians to troubleshoot issues and set you up for success.

Contact Us for I.T. Support Services

If your company is looking for on-site I.T. support, look no further than Wasatch I.T. We’re your trusted, local tech support partner that can personally come to you for a wide range of solutions. Whether you need to be set up with a more functional system or require occasional maintenance, we have you covered with the skills and experience for the job. Our technicians are also available as fully staffed members of your team, so you can count on them for ongoing assistance whenever needed. Get in contact with us right away by calling (888)275-8850. We’ll be there as soon as possible to offer the kinds of services that can take your business to the next level of efficiency and security.

Additional Managed I.T. Services