Managed Compliance Services

Managed Compliance Services

Whether your company or industry is subject to a specific compliance framework or you simply want to hold your company to a higher standard, Wasatch I.T.'s Managed Compliance Services are designed to support your goals. Cybersecurity compliance involves risk-based controls designed to protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of information transferred, processed or stored by your company. Some of the most common compliance standards are HIPAA (Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act), CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), PCI (Payment Card Industry), ISO, SOC, etc. With the pending requirements and implementation of CMMC standards coming during the next few years, it is extremely critical to prepare now to avoid missing out on future business opportunities as a result of playing compliance catchup.

Even companies who are not subject to an official standard are benefitting from Managed Compliance. Whether simply following best practices or due to insurance company or vendor/supplier requirements, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security) standards shape cyber security best practices and are applicable to every company and every industry. Courts across the country are continually reinforcing the trend to support the adherence to NIST and SANS polices as the framework to best illustrate the forward thinking, proactive cybersecurity efforts a company should be implementing.

Whether your company has specific standards it must adhere, or you simply need assistance crafting and training your team on various technology-based policies and procedures, Wasatch I.T.’s Managed Compliance Services can help. Managed Compliance is an add-on to Managed Services. Partnering with Wasatch I.T. for your compliance needs also provides your company access to our Advanced Services team to scope and implement any projects that stem from the compliance process that may need to be implemented to satisfy compliance requirements. While not legal advice, the Wasatch I.T. team can help you and your team better understand and implement the steps necessary to help get your company adhering to your specific compliance standard.

Adding Managed Compliance to your Managed Services package creates a more comprehensive support model designed to handle everything from day-to-day support needs, technology upgrades, changes, etc., and special projects, all while under the advisement of the Managed Compliance team to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

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