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What is an outsourced technology partner? Is it the same thing as a managed I.T. provider? And what exactly counts as “I.T.”? We hear these questions a lot. Partnering with Wasatch I.T. allows you to focus on your business operations instead of pulling away resources to learn and manage the I.T. environment. Wasatch I.T. is an all-in-one I.T. company. Wasatch I.T. has been providing business tech support, cybersecurity, compliance, and strategy since 2002. We offer a layered support structure that includes both on-site technical support as well as a remote I.T. helpdesk. This combination of both onsite and remote tech support is designed to quickly get your users back up and running. Less down time helps your employees focus on their jobs not dealing with, or being down with I.T. issues – allowing them to better support your company objectives. In short, we work to ensure your technology solutions are running smoothly to reduce the stress and risk of financial loss from technology failures. 

Partnering with Wasatch I.T. to manage your I.T. needs and/or replace your I.T. department serves as a scalable technology resource and strategy. Your employees can call upon a large team of friendly, knowledgeable I.T. technicians as often as needed to keep them operational and efficient. Companies face various peaks and valleys in their support needs. Partnering with Wasatch I.T. as your business technology partner provides you better tech support no matter the situation. No need to hire a large team to be available during busy times, only to be overpaying during slow periods. Along with break/fix work, as your business technology resource, we are there for your strategic I.T. planning needs. No longer be overwhelmed with the countless offerings alone. We will work with you to review your needs and goals and recommend and implement the best solution for your company. Like a fractional CIO. We serve as the first call for any of our customers technical needs. Most can be done through our internal teams, but we have various trusted partners across the spectrum to make introductions for projects that fall outside our offerings.

Along with the day to day and strategic I.T. planning, Wasatch I.T. offers various higher complexity solutions handled by our Advanced Services Team. We have cloud experts ready to help design, migrate and support your cloud-based servers or workstations. One critical segment of this team is our Cybersecurity and Compliance technicians. Our cybersecurity and compliance experts can help your company review, implement and align with various cybersecurity and compliance frameworks.  Wasatch I.T. is your cybersecurity partner. Through interactive employee awareness trainings to gamified user trainings, we help educate your employees to help keep your network safe.

What type of company may benefit from a partnership with Wasatch I.T.? Anyone! Wasatch I.T. is the I.T. department for companies with between 5 to over 1,000 computers and users. We can be an upgrade from another outsourced I.T. provider or replace internal I.T. teams. We are your one-stop I.T. support partner.

While so many I.T. issues can be handled remote, you can’t replace the local commitment of a company owned and operated by locals. Wasatch I.T. is Utah’s largest, locally owned outsourced I.T. company headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City. This results in a stronger connection and understanding of the needs and desires of our state. Our technicians are constantly circulating between our customer sites along the Wasatch Front, allowing for fast on-site response times. Being a downtown I.T. company, we are also able to quickly reach any of the thousands of companies within our few block radius. Wasatch I.T. also understands the importance of giving back and investing in the community As a Utah I.T. company, we love supporting the amazing businesses we have in this state – both for and non-profit. Our company is committed to giving back to our community and donate significant time, money and resources to help in that effort.  However, we are more than just a Salt Lake City I.T. company. We have customers across the country – companies both with and without any local presence. The majority of issues can be resolved via remote support, but we are able to provide scheduled on-site support through dispatching our own technicians or through our national provider network. 

If your business is looking for on-site tech support in Utah, tech support in Salt Lake City, tech support in the Denver, Colorado area or remote tech support anywhere in the country– let’s talk. We’d love to partner with you.  

Wasatch I.T. – Tech Support, Cybersecurity, Compliance and Strategy.

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